Club activities

Who are we?

Klaipeda University Alumni Club unites graduates of Klaipeda University of various generations who, even after leaving their Alma Mater, choose to maintain contact with colleagues and academic staff, seek to participate in the life of the University, and wish to enjoy club membership privileges.

It is very easy to become a member of the club – even if you graduated from Klaipeda University (not) long ago, just fill in the registration form, which will automatically make you a full member of the KU Alumni Club.

By joining us, you will receive only the most relevant news about the University and information that is beneficial to the graduates of KU.

Our activities are based on the values ​​of unity, cooperation and respect.


To bring together the entire community of Klaipeda University, connecting graduates, students, and academic staff, in order to promote the name of Klaipeda University.


To promote the exchange of knowledge, to maintain relations between graduates and the University, and to contribute to the University's development goals.