Membership benefits

Professional development

In KU you are not only free to participate as an observer in open lectures but also welcome to use a 10% discount for continuous training programs.

If you are a professional in a certain field and know your job well, would you like to try yourself as a lecturer? KU provides an opportunity for successful graduates to become guest lecturers for students of Klaipeda University.

Career planning

If you are planning a career, a career counselor from KU will not only help you prepare a CV and cover letter but will also advise you on various career issues.

Leisure time 

Upon request, a KU Alumni Privilege Card will be given to members of the KU Alumni Club. It will make your club membership even more meaningful and give you the opportunity to:

  • participate in physical activity classes free of charge at the KU Sports Club;
  • visit the KU Botanical Garden for free and receive a discount on KU Alumni Club celebrations and events;
  • use KU Fleet marine yacht “Odyssey” for organizing team building classes and sailing training;
  • participate in events and community parties at the University.

Do you need further information on how to take advantage of these benefits? Contact us!