If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before

J Loren Norris

Members of the KU Alumni Club who want to educate the younger generation and pursue personal goals of self-knowledge and development can become mentors for KU students.

In what form and way you could establish a relationship with KU students is up to you. You can invite a group of students to your workplace and show the peculiarities of your job up close? Sure! Would you like to return to the University and tell the entire audience about your career? Go ahead! Or maybe you could give one or a few students individual attention and become a personal advisor remotely or over a cup of coffee? Both we and KU students are thrilled!

Mentoring also allows KU alumni the opportunity to find interns and employees – during the period while mentoring you will understand how talented and curious students of Klaipeda University are.

Do you have suggestions for mentoring at Klaipeda University? Or would you like to become a mentor yourself? Write us and we will discuss what would be the best way for you to connect with students from your Alma Mater.